TOEA Member News

REMINDER:  March 28th, 29th, 30th are the three days allotted for voting for TOEA Officers for the next two years. Even though all four candidates are running unopposed, voting is still necessary.

The candidates are:
President – Bill Wishart
Vice President – Gary Bahr
Secretary – Marleigh Velba
Treasurer – Robin Ragguci
Ballots and Ballot boxes are at the following locations:
High School – Main Office
TOIS – Main Office
5th Grade  – 5th grade office
Wayside School – Main Office
Wanamassa School – Main Office
TOES – Main Office
Admin. Bldg. – Anita Nelson’s Office
It is respectfully requested that Building Reps at each location assist in checking off the names and handing out the ballots, particularly in the morning as staff members arrive.